4th time lucky

I failed. Stupidly. What a moron I am. And it wasn't like I drove like an arsehole - I didn't. I just forgot to look when I was reverse parking. Motherfucker. And my examiner was really nice as well. Didn't let on at all that I'd failed only 10 minutes into the goddamned thing. So my plan to drive up to St Andrews this week has changed slightly. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I've spent £400 on lessons in the last 2 months. Really quite annoyed. Aggrevated. Grumpy. FUCK!!!! I want to cry and punch someone and wake up and realise I haven't taken it yet. Just want to have it done with. Serves me right for waiting so long. Another test booked. 14 December. Please let it be over with then.