The reception...

I was mildly sceptical about the reception banquet. I was told that it was mediaeval and that the band played mournful folk ballads. That was not my idea of fun. I was ready to cringe and willing to drink myself to the state where I didn't care. Fortunately, rumours of mournful folk ballads were wildly exaggerated and the whole mediaeval thing was very well done.

Matt took the sword, as the groom was Lord of the Castle for the night. It was a pity there wasn't a dungeon as Andrew Hendry's drunken antics managed to upset anyone that wasn't used to it. Meaning all of Matt's new in-laws.

Luke P's best man speech. Funny and not 100% incriminating. Matt breathed a hefty sigh of relief and then Luke proceeded, during the course of the meal, to tell Matt's mother everything about his misbehaviour during and subsequent to university, including the arrest for drunken golf cart thievery. Wicked.

The first dance. Aw. There was a lot of dancing, and for good reason; the band was awesome!

Adam attempted to keep Andrew from too much trouble, and this is a rare moment where he succumbed to some booze sleep. Sadly it did not last, instead it seemed to reinvigorate him. Looks can be deceiving. Sleeping he looks all peaceful and innocent; awake he's a lunatic drunken pervert. In the nicest way.

The band. They were amazing, the everyone leaping about dancing like mental. So much so that apparently Georgie Wicken broke her jaw. But I've not confirmed that, and my source is famous for his bullshit.

Andrew unleashed. He was stopped before he could finish exposing himself to the wedding party.

All in all it was an amazing wedding. I'm still kind of recovering.