The Belfry of Ideas

I face the day quite excited. I'm doing something different. You see, the other day I had a new idea. Well, when I say new, it was more of a new take on an old idea. But that's what most new ideas seem to be these days, so I'm still pretty happy with a new take. It's better than same old shit, at least.

So as I was thinking about this new idea and trying to sqeeze it in with all of my other ideas it occurred to me that I didn't really have a repository for all the ideas that I have shifting about. Aside from my brain. Which, if you know me, is so crammed full of useless trivia and detailed memories of unimportant events that it's easy to lose my place. Especially with ideas.

So today is my big idea day. I'm going to be getting everything onto paper and into a folder and any time the writing starts going slow I'll whip out one of the ideas to work on instead. In fact, I don't even need paper or folders as apparently you can get all of this done on computers these days. Ain't technology something?!

So today I will be doing rough outlines of:

1 movie

2 stage plays

1 screenplay

5 novels (not including current project)

2 tv shows (1 travelogue, 1 sitcom)

1 cook book

And as usual, new ideas beget other new ideas. So there's fun to be had. A welcome break from prose.

PS - Yes, this is a task I should have done a long time ago. I am one of the billions of people in the human race who tends to put things off for too long. Deal with it.

PPS - Buy Steven Fry's The Ode Less Travelled.