magnums and velvet

I returned from St Andrews today to an actual letter. Letters are brilliant. Handwritten and everything. So that was cool. All the other post was from banks, and that's never cool.

St Andrews was amazing. Andy's leaving do was very much a Luvians' Greatest Hits, with most of the great customers, friends and staff from the last ten years making an appearance. Many of whom by surprise. People came from as far as Germany for the event. Though, that said, Sunday nights in Germany probably aren't worth sticking around for. Sunday nights most places aren't worth sticking around for. So, you know, if you have the chance, go to a big party in St Andrews. Magnums of champagne flowed and then some was mixed with Guinness and so the black velvets were flowing. Now, I'd never really had black velvet before. It works quickly. The drifted into dancing and laughing and kissing and hugging and eating and drinking more. I went to two flat parties and found my bed at 4am. Here are some pics that show the event.

The party man himself, Capt. Cook, with the lovely Malia and Kat. That shirt was louder than the tunes that night, I assure you

Yours truly with the fabulous Christina - in fabulous and happily married form and looking gorgeous. She was somewhat less jovial the next day.

The lovely Veronica, who has a wonderful smile. Someday, Luvians could all be hers, but without myself and Andy there, why would she want it?

Ben and Malia towards the end of the night. Malia was just making sure that every single last drop of Taittinger was really gone.

Myself and the fantastic Helen, flatmate of the lovely Veronica and a new addition to this party crew. Not an easy crowd to fall into but she handled herself brilliantly. A firecracker from Armagh. We're both drinking TVRs in this picture. That's TVR spelt S-T-U-P-I-D.

Tim Butler, one of Scotland's foremost restauranteurs. Seriously. You wouldn't think it, would you? Me neither. Food's pretty good though.

Big Mac & Kirsty D. I've drunk so many cocktails in the company of these two, prepared by the former, it staggers the mind. And erases it over time.