More party pics

Malia tries to tame the savage shirt.

Malia & Christina decide that dancing is for tables. Mind the chandelier, girls.

Pete W, Ben McC & Kirsty D with big fun drunken grins.

From Norway with Love, the inimitable Jon E - grimace aside, a legend for not only making the trip, but enduring a 6am departure the following morning from Prestwick. For those who know not what that means, imagine having to taxi, train & bus for 4 hours to get a 1 hour flight. Sucks huh? Oh yeah.

From Nigeria with Love. Imelda (right) and Neneh (left) are a mother and daughter team who easily liven any party at which they arrive. It was not the first time they brightened up the West Port, and I'm sure it won't be the last.