hodgepodge & dreich

So I don't know about this new look. It's kind of funky. I could tweak it I suppose, but that seems like a bit too much of an effort. Just felt like a change, really.

London is cloudy and cold. Usually it's one or the other, but no - we've got both. In fact, there's even been a few snow flurries. I can hear the wusses in the Met Office shrieking with horror, demanding no one even look at their car for fear of an accident. I only saw about three flakes. That's enough, in gambling terms, for a white Christmas, so it's certainly enough to cause meteorlogical hysteria in Britain.

I've been thinking about words today, as I've been writing a bit and the weather's shit. For instance, hodgepodge, hugely descriptive of my recent posts as they tend to be more scattered gibberish (another favourite word) than anything coherent. Hodgepodge is kind a chubby fuzzy word for mishmash or, in this case, talking a load of unconnected bollocks. The reason that I've been writing such hodgepodge is I'm using the blog as a kind of warm-up when I'm working on the book. That's also why posts have been more frequent.

Dreich is Scots, and means dull. Very good for describing the current weather. It's almost onomatopoaeic. Much better than just saying it's miserable.