Great name for album eh? Sort of like Synchronicity but without tantric-rain-forest Sting involved. Or talent, for that matter.


My favourites were legos. I had millions of them. It's one of those things that you bring with you into adulthood, that you had more legos than anyone. You may grow up not caring how big your house is, how cool your car is, whether your jeans are fashionable but when someone asks how many legos you had as a kid, the answer is always the same: a fuckload more than they did. It's like kids in seminary fighting over who's more pious. Or what I imagine that would be like. Devotion to the lego faith was maniacal, as was the need for recognition of that devotion.

And every kid had their own names for certain pieces. An "uppy-downy" for one kid was something totally different to another kid. Because legos were kind of an on-your-own thing. Playing legos with someone else would always end badly for the following reasons:

1. There would be a fight over a piece that there was only one of.
2. There would be a communications breakdown due to the individual lego dialects developed over 100s of hours of solo playtime.
3. The person who built the cooler stuff would get beat up by the people not building cooler stuff. Even if they were bigger. How weird is that?
4. There would be rage and anger over whether it was ok for a lego person not to have hair or a helmet (it was just wrong, ok!)
5. There would be rage and anger over whether it was ok for a lego head to be used as a "one-y" in constructing something else.

And so on and so forth. What has brought on this stroll down a lego-brick lane? Well, I stumbled on this today. What does it mean? It means they had more legos than me. Gits.


When I chose the road less travelled, or the train to Leuchars, for my education, there were some lingering doubts over my choice. All of my friends from high school were in the States and St Andrews is an awful long way from, well, anywhere really. And while I've never regretted my choice of uni, there have been the odd times when I've wondered what would have happened had I stayed in the USA. Then I read things like this (pointed out to me by the ministry's own Irony), and I realise I made the right decision.

Other Stuff

Got all my filing done. It has resulted in the revelation that I am, in fact, totally out of money.

Before I realised this, I bought some photo albums to organise photos. Now that's an opportunity to waste serious time. So I've made a deal with myself that I'm not allowed to do any more organising until I write another 15,000 words.

I am slowly mastering my parents' car. I did drive a considerable distance today with the handbrake engaged though, so there's still improvement to be made. Quite a lot, I suppose.