How do you respond to the realisation that you're broke? Some people budget, strictly allocating funds to only the essentials for life; some people cry into a glass of wine, wondering where they went wrong; some people seek new and more bountiful employment to ensure their income catches up with their expenditure. I went to Fopp and bought four cds. And I really enjoyed it. I hadn't actually bought cds from a shop in ages. Amazon and iTunes (and possibly LimeWire, though not if the bastards at the RIAA are reading) have been the cornerstones of my music purchases of late, mostly iTunes. And I'd forgotten how brilliant some shops are. Especially Fopp. If you have a Fopp nearby, you should shop there, because it's wicked. Their selection is brilliant, the staff is helpful and LOVE music and you feel kind of cool being a customer. I felt young and, dare I say, hip. And this is the other thing. I've been enjoying fishing out cds and listening to them instead of playing my iPod through my stereo or listening to my computer. Don't know why. There is a tactile quality to holding the cd and taking it out of its case that isn't there with an mp3 file. Weird.

In other news, old ladies aren't allowed to wear hats and an ex-teacher in France has seen too many bad movies.