This is my 251st post, or my semiquincentennial-plus-one post, and it makes me wonder what on earth I'm doing with this thing. But while pondering that, I found this old picture of me with very big hair and it distracted me.
That's a lot of hair. I think that was taken in a sushi restaurant in Key West. I also think it was taken a very long time ago, but I have no idea when.

I'm in a bit of a daze today. I'm not sure why. I did have that exciting one beer after my wine last night but refuse to think that three moderate drinks spaced over 4 hours would have that sort of effect on me.

Torrential downpours punctuate periods of glorious sunshine outside. The rain makes it easier to write, the sun more difficult. If it goes well the clicks of the keyboard and the patter of rain churn out asynchronous rhythm. If it goes poorly only the rain is heard, or nothing at all.