This interested me. It's science-y, so if you don't immediately jump to the link before reading on, it's about predictability in evolution. I almost understood all of it, and what I did understand struck me as quite exciting. When I was in high school, I did a molecular biology course. I'm not sure how I got on it in the first place, but my subsequent incompetence in the lab drove me to the arts from science. It still piques my interest though.

Angry Alien
have finally adapted Casablanca. I love Angry Alien. There's no rhyme or reason to recreating films in 30 seconds with bunnies, it's just genius. I don't have some amusing or embarrassing anecdote to go with this one. It's just funny. Go see it.

Friday night and I'm updating my blog. I've had two glasses of wine. I may, if I'm feeling adventurous, have a beer. I just watched Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. I spent today taking pictures of boxes and moving vans. I wrote about a canal. I linked to a science article on CNET. I declined an invite to a 22nd birthday party tonight. It was for twins. Girl twins. Not single girl twins but that's not the point.

Am I becoming boring? Has the towering inferno of my social life become a fizzle of charred cinder?


I'm skint.

My bank isn't phoning me anymore though.

They're sending me lots of letters instead.