free speech

I consider myself a classic liberal, in the 18th century sense, believing in the rights of the individual and the importance of free speech. And all sorts of other stuff that Tony Blair and George W Bush are trying to steal from the English-speaking world.

I'm also a foodie and a meat-eater.

So when I read today that the person who wrote this overlong but amusing rebuttal to vegetarianism had his university IT privileges revoked, it pissed me off. Grumpy vegetarians shouldn't be able to curb civil liberties (that's a job for presidents and prime ministers). So I'm linking to it in a sort of protest. Please have a look. It's really long though, so you don't have to read all of it.

In fact, have a look and then perpetuate rumours throughout the web that Newcastle University has a fascist and oppressive IT policy. And then mention the fact that vegetarians have no sense of humour. These are half-truths, but fun ones. I'm hoping that it won't get my Blogger priveleges suspended. It is Google, but not Google China.