I am not arachnophobic.

But I'm more than curious as to where the massive spider I uncovered while cleaning my room is. It was hiding under a pair of shorts next to my bed. And now it's gone.

And I am not arachnophobic.

But that doesn't mean I want to share a bed with a spider.

I've let my room go of late. Not having to show potential buyers around the house meant I slipped a bit. Now that the house has a buyer it doesn't really need to be tidy. In my dark and distant days in property I never heard of a deal falling through because of unmade bed.

In any case, it's easy to get distracted from a messy room, especially your own messy room. The best diversion is someone else's room. In fact, I find myself tidying other people's messy rooms instead of my own. They require less introspection. Every old receipt, sock and cd in your room tells a story - in someone else's it's just junk. The problem is, while to try to help tidy someone else's room, yours just gets messier. And helping is self-defeating anyway, because it has to be your room to be able to tidy it properly. And it's hard to help tidy someone's room when your own is a mess.

Anyway. Untidy rooms and sloppy metaphors abound this evening. And a very large spider. I hope it's not in my bed.