evidence & resolution

I've posted a heavily edited selection of photos from last weekend's parties. They're here. Some of them turned out well, some not so much. Not sure I needed to take 300 in total.

My resolutions for this year are not coming as easily as I'd like. Last year they were obvious - finish the book and exercise more. Amazingly, for the first year since I quit smoking, I accomplished both. People aren't supposed to fulfill resolutions. Not all of them anyway. They're supposed to lay in a crumbling heap with all the rest of the damaged goods after new years: broken by the third. It's the fourth and I've not worked mine out yet.

Listening to Takk by Sigur Rós and it all seems resolved.

Draw again. Write more. Keep exercising. Do stand-up at least once. Get a job. Get published. Read more.

Some of those are more difficult than others.