Wooden Miracles!

Incredibly Beautiful & Lovely Barmaid: "What are wooden miracles?"
Yours Truly: "What?"
IB&LB: "Wooden miracles? What are they?"
YT: "That says maracas."
Fits of giggles followed. The maracas were for the band of course. Well, the audience really. If it's a band of two and if they're both on guitars or bongos or harmonica, then they can't be playing the maracas can they? Or the tambourine for that matter. So the maracas and the tambourine were shared among the small and enthusiastic audience. I drank sherry and Guinness, banging the tambourine and trying to achieve some sort of rhythm. I boogied. The bar staff boogied. My nachos arrived and the barman took over on the tambourine. I got up and sang. I locked eyes with a pretty girl who danced with abandon. I danced with abandon. The air bounced with tunes and good vibes from good folk. The sherry bottle was finished after the tunes were. The pretty girl with pretty eyes and dancing feet invited me and Broomy back to her flat for a party. We grabbed a bottle of whisky and some beers and accepted the invite.

Not a bad Sunday night really. Wooden miracles indeed.