unticked boxes

It was a short-lived flash of productivity. At the moment, there are 11 unticked boxes on my snazzy to-do list software. The most overdate items are 7 days old and pertain to job and citizenship applications. Aside from a single home-baked loaf of bread (yesterday's effort), I can't say I've achieved a whole lot in the last week. In fact, the last thing ticked on my to-do list was something my flatmate did, as I was running late for work. So at the moment I'm pretending to do what I'm paid for and planning how to get all the stuff done that I don't get paid for, as well as some things that may lead to me getting paid a lot more. It's bitterly cold out and I've only had two coffees. I think and hope it may snow. The sky is still a pale grey; the days are getting longer, slowly but surely.