another batch of sunday musings

Town seems quiet, though not necessarily hungover. It's damp but not really raining, though you still have to mind the puddles. People are buying whisky for their Burns Suppers and wondering what goes best with haggis. If you're curious, it's Talisker 10yo. Though I feel Ardbeg Uigeadail would also fit the bill. Today is a day of writing - CV, tasting notes and possibly something more interesting. I'm also mulling spending too much money on a bottle of wine to taste with Daniel. I have that urge to drink something that fuels the fire of wine-geekery.

Thus far my to-do list thing seems to be going ok. I've done the things, mostly, on the day I was meant to - so far. This is a great improvement on my previous strategy, which included semi-conscious panic attacks in the moments before sleep and then blissfully forgetting it all by the time I woke up. So not a lot got done.


So we've just sat in the shop today, tasted some wine, had some cheese, chatted to some customers, accidentally hit the panic button and brought the cops. I've got a pile of unopened notebooks sat next to me that will probably remain so. My RSS and Twitter feeds keep popping up with Leno/Conan shit that I couldn't care less about. The Beta Band's entire discography has been playing today and I've not gotten bored of it yet. Now it's dark and wet rather than grey and wet. Daniel's bouncing the tennis ball off the floor because it's his turn. I'll bounce it off the ceiling for a wee while.

Fighting the boredom of January Sundays seems to be a failed exercise. Instead I'm revelling in it, refilling my wine glass and slicing another small bite of cheese for a nibble, that sort of thing. I'll dodge the puddles on my way home tonight and hopefully tick another couple of to-do list items. It could be worse.